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Shipping and Returns

Shipping and Delivery


Q: To which countries do you ship?

A: We only ship to Vanuatu buyers for our orders made on our online Store.  If you are based outside Vanuatu, and have a commercial sized purchasing requirement, then please contact a member of our staff by emailing sales@stanleyimports.com.vu.


Q: After I make payment for the goods, how long will it take for the goods to be shipped?

A: Depending to the type goods that you order, it will normally be delivered by the next working day.  Offshore orders may take between 5 and 7 working days on average. If the shipping of the goods is delayed, we will communicate with you.  If you participate in our consolidated DIRECT FROM THE FACTORY orders, you should take note of the expected delivery times (typically around 8 -10 weeks from the time of the order).


Q: Who can advise on local taxes, import duties, tariffs, or other fees incurred upon goods arriving at the place of import?

A: As some of our goods will be sent directly to you from our overseas channel, you will need to know that occasionally Customs will contact you to request taxes and duty payments before releasing the goods to you.  It is unusual for other fees to be charged, but you do need to know that this is a possibility.  We strongly advise you seek legal advice from your local customs or import broker concerning your order BEFORE you confirm you order.  We can also assist with these issues.


Q: Who pays for local taxes, import duties or other such fees?

A: The purchaser is responsible for payment of local taxes and import duties, and all other local fees.  This only applies to goods sent to you directly from overseas.  However, most of our goods do not attract these fees as they will be purchased locally.


Q: Who pays for the goods to be delivered?

A: The purchaser agrees to pay delivery costs which are clearly displayed on the commercial documents at the time of ordering.


Q: How much will it cost to ship the goods?

A: To facilitate your purchasing experience, stanleyimports.com.vu.au clearly shows all shipping costs before you go through to the final checkout. That way you will know early in the ordering process if the product once physically delivered to you will be cost effective. The actual freight rate will be visible BEFORE you actually commit to the order.


Q: Who shall be responsible for the insurance of the goods?

A: We recommend you purchase insurance to cover every shipment to guard against loss and damages during the transportation of your goods. Although items are carefully packed and addressed according to your delivery instructions, there is a small chance that some difficulties may occur during shipment. We prefer our clients insure against unknown risks. Please consult with your insurance company.


Q: When is risk in the goods passed to the purchaser?

A: The purchaser shall be responsible for insurance and risk in the goods from the time the goods are uplifted from stanleyimports.com.vu by a freight company for delivery to you, or your nominated agent, whether the freight company is arranged by you or stanleyimports.com.vu.


Q: What do I do if I want to make a claim concerning a short delivery or damage?

A: Any claims for shortages in delivery or damage to the goods must be made in writing within 5 business days of receiving the goods. We will not be liable for any claim not received within 5 business days of you receiving the goods.


Q: If the goods are delayed can I claim damages from stanleyimports.com.vu?

A: We will use all reasonable efforts to ensure that the goods are delivered on time, but we shall not be liable for any loss arising from any delay in delivery. Delay in delivery shall not entitle you to cancel the order or claim costs of whatever kind.


Q: What special conditions exist if you send the goods in more than one shipment?

A: In the event that we elect to deliver the goods by installment, each installment shall be deemed to be a separate contract. Each installment of an order shall be paid for on the basis that an installment is a new order.


Returns & Replacements


Q: How and when can I return unwanted / excess product?

A: We are unable to accept goods back for credit after dispatch. Please think very carefully about your purchase before you commit to any order. 


Q: What is the process to replace faulty product?

A: If you have problems with your goods, then please contact us.  Perhaps we can talk you through some of the issues by telephone.  However, if the problem is more serious, and if, under certain circumstances, you are authorized to return goods, a Returned Merchandise Authority (RMA) form together with an RMA number will be required, and these may be requested from our service department. It is VERY important to include this number on your form when returning the faulted product.   This will ensure we know exactly where the product came from! Stanley Imports cannot accept returned goods without a completed RMA form and associated RMA number being included with the returned goods. For errors in dispatch, please contact the Stanley Imports Service Department. 


Q: What do I need to return with the product?

A: All returned products must be in their original packaging with all included accessories intact. The RMA number must be clearly displayed on the OUTSIDE of the packaging in which the returned product is contained. If you do not FIRST apply and send the RMA number with the goods, we will not accept the returned goods for processing and you will bear all associated costs.


Q: When I return the goods, who will be responsible for freight and other costs involved in returning the goods to our repair centre?

A: The buyer shall be responsible for all shipping, insurance, and handling charges (where applicable) when returning the items to stanleyimports.com.vu. Shipping and handling fees shall not be credited to your account. stanleyimports.com.vu shall not be responsible for losses and breakage during the return shipping process. It is highly recommended that the buyer purchase shipping insurance and use a tracking number when shipping the goods; that way the product can be tracked all the way to our service department.


Q: How can I receive advance replacement product?

A: We are unable to provide an advance replacement product service.


Q: What happens if stanleyimports.com.vu is unable to replicate the fault for products returned under the RMA process?

A: Unfortunately some products only fault intermittently, and it may be possible for products, such as electronic products, to only periodically fault.  This means that when our service department checks your products, the fault may not reoccur.  Unfortunately we have a minimum service charge of VT200 for cases where product is returned for repair – but no such fault exists.  This reduces time spent on cases that are without foundation – such as the buyer simply not understanding how to use the product.  So be careful to examine the possible cause of the problem before you make a claim.


Q: How do I minimize the risk of being charged for returned RMA products?

A: Apply good reasoning and care in your initial assessment of the fault to determine the reason for the problem.  Read the user manual or other product instructions carefully.  Describe the fault with clarity, detailing the specific situation or context likely to be contributing to the cause of the fault.  Perhaps we can solve the issue through initial discussion before you send the product to us for repair.


Q: What is the expected replacement time frame?

A: We prioritize the assessment and replacement of faulted Goods, and generally, 3 - 5 working days are required for this task, excluding shipping times associated with the movement of goods to and from our repair centre.


Q: Can stanleyimports.com.vu replace a returned product with a different model from that returned?

A: Yes, if the returned model is no longer available, replacements will be the closest available functionally equivalent model, however, stanleyimports.com.vu reserves the right to replace returned products with newer models which may not be functionally compatible with the original system in which they were used.